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VEXcore V2 - Linux Based Industrial Measurement System

CAN, NOx, NH3, GPS, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Flow, Digital and Analog IO, and much more...

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Measurement Emission Sensors

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VEXlink / RDE

For RDE Real Driving Emissions

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Flexible Electronic Slot-Sytstem


  • integration of different electronic modules (aka "Cards")
  • modular setup, almost unlimited cascadable and extendable
  • various housing sizes: 16-fold (19 inch), 8-fold, 4-fold, 2-fold
      (all housings are cascadable)
  • compact modules/cards: 44 x 25 x 80 mm
  • simple integration in customer projects
  • low service costs
  • minimial wiring effort
  • little mechanical and mounting effort
  • standardized CAN Bus for backbone
  • simple diagnostics and configuration using "VEXstudio" software
  • two available designs for each card:
    • low-cost plugs (Molex) or
    • high-end automotive plugs (Lemo)

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    Sample configuration: VEX for RDE (Real Driving Emissions)

    Base U8 with Power, Fuse and CAN interface

  • VEX:701 CPU with LAN-AK and USB
  • VEX:901 "Scotty": GPS, temperature, atmospheric pressure
  • VEX:201 Sensor: NOx, NH3
  • VEX:801 Sensor: Lambda

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